How long does it take to receive my call summaries?

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When we complete a call, we try to get the call summaries out to you as soon as possible — within just a few minutes from the end of the call. The time this takes depends on the quantity of information. Sometimes with a quick message from an existing client with minimal new information, the call summary will be sent within a minute. Other times, we need time to type up all of the information gathered, cross-check and verify details, and proofread. Some callers may provide more details that results in a longer summary as well. Often, the length of time it takes to send the summary is directly proportional to the amount of time taken and tasks required (e.g., appointment booking) on the call.


When we are scheduling your callers, you will always receive the calendar notification earlier than the summary. The appointment booking happens during the call itself, whereas the call summary happens after the call. After completing the calendar booking, we take the time to confirm the appointment with the caller and answer any additional questions they may have before ending the call. We also need time to add the details of the appointment to the summary, such as the location they are scheduled for or the number to call.

Reminder: Appointments are not currently available for Essential plans.

Difficult Situations

Other factors can affect the time taken to send summaries:

  • Hostile/Aggressive Callers, Threats, Self-harm
    When we receive unpleasant or dangerous calls, receptionists are required to escalate the issue to management for review. This can add a slight delay to sending the summary. If we suspect that it will take a substantial amount of time, we'll often drop you a note first to let you know we had an issue.
  • Incomplete Information
    You've asked us to get A, B, C, and D. But the caller may have abruptly ended the call after we collected A and B. When directed, we attempt a call-back to get the rest of the information, which adds a second call and additional time to complete your call summary.

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