How to identify and track calls and chats in HubSpot

Updated 4 months ago by Kelsey Johnson

If you use with a HubSpot integration, you have new contacts being created in your HubSpot account from calls and/or chats answered by Here’s how to identify which contacts were created from so you can track them:

  1. Sign into HubSpot and go to Contacts
  1. Click on a contact

If this contact recently talked to a receptionist (via phone or chat), it will look like this in the contact's activity feed:
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the contact information on the left panel, and click on “View All Properties.”
  1. Search properties for “Original Source.” You should see a screen with
    1. Original source
    2. Original source drill-down 1
    3. Original source drill-down 2
  1. If the client is from, the original source drill-down 1 will be “INTEGRATION” and the drill-down 2 will say “” Hover over the information icon next to, and you’ll see that HubSpot has given an internal value of 175692.
  1. Hover over each property and click “Add to your view” on the right hand side.

Once added to your view, there should be green check marks next to both properties:

  1. Go back to your contacts view and scroll to the right until you see the original source drill-down properties in your current view. will show here as 175692.

  1. You can filter by this view and export/analyze the data.

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