How to turn on instant call summary destinations for Outreach Campaign calls

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During an Outreach Campaign, instant call summaries are disabled by default. At the end of each business day, will send you a summary of all your Outreach Campaign calls via email. If you'd like instant call summaries after every campaign call, you can toggle them on inside the dashboard.

How to turn on instant call summaries for Outreach Campaign calls

  1. Log into your Outreach Campaigns dashboard.
  2. Click on the Settings icon (wheel/cog).
  3. Under the account tab, locate the notifications section. Then, click "Update notifications settings."
  4. Check the box, "Receive an email or SMS every time a call has been made."
  5. Update (or add) the email address you'd like the instant call summaries to be sent directly under the checkbox. You can add multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma.
  6. Press Save.
  7. You'll see a confirmation. Review the changes in your settings.
These notification settings are not tied to Virtual Receptionist accounts and can be set up separately.

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