How to Forward Calls From Your Mobile Phone

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Follow these steps to set up call forwarding on your Mobile line.


  • Go to and sign in to your My Verizon account. Or if you’re already signed in, look for the device you want to forward on the account overview page and click Manage device. Then scroll down to Call forwarding and click Manage.
  • Select the number that you want to be forwarded, and enter your Smith number to forward calls to. Then click Update Call Forwarding Status.
  • Follow the prompts to verify your information with a push notification or email. You'll have 120 seconds to respond to the message sent. Once complete, you're done! All calls are now being forwarded. And you'll see the "Active" status displayed.

Forwarding can also be set up on your phone in the My Verizon app :

  • In the app, in the account section, select the device you want to manage.
  • Scroll down and tap Manage call forwarding.
  • Enter the number you want to forward to and tap Update Call Forwarding Status.

Or using Keypad codes :

  • Dial *72, enter the 10-digit Smith Number to forward calls to. For example *72 555-123-4567 and hit Send or Call.
  • Wait for the confirmation tone or message and then hang up.
  • To forward calls only when your line is busy or there is no answer, press *71 and the 10-digit Smith number to forward calls to. Press Send and wait for the confirmation tone.
  • To turn off Call Forwarding just dial *73 and wait for the confirmation tone or message.


Forward all calls:

  • Dial *21* Your Smith Number # 

Deactivate Forwarding:

  • Dial #21#

If you encounter any problems, contact AT&T Customer service at (800) 331-0500 and let them know you are unable to activate call forwarding or conditional forwarding. They may be able to activate it for you. 

Boost Mobile:

Forward all calls:

  • Dial *72 Your Smith Number
  • Press TALK or DIAL
  • You will hear three beeps, which indicates call forwarding has been set up.


Forward all calls:

  • Dial *72 Your Smith Number

Forward only no-answer calls:

  • Dial *73 Your Smith Number

Forward only busy calls:

  • Dial *74 Your Smith Number

To set up consecutive call forwarding: Contact your Sprint Account Manager at 1-866-275-1411 (only available for "Corporate-liable customers")

See for more information.


Forward all calls:

  • Dial **21* Your Smith Number #
  • Press Send

See for more customizations

Other Carriers:

If you’re using another carrier not listed here, please email and we’ll get you the right answer. (And we’ll update this document!) 

iPhone only

You must do each step to activate all available forwarding options. 

Forward no answer after 10 seconds calls:

  • Dial *61*1 Your Smith Number *11*10#

(To reset, press #61#. Press *#61*# for status)

Forward unreachable (out of range, service off) calls:

  • Dial *62*1 Your Smith Number#

(To reset, press #62#. Press *#62*# for status)

Forward only busy calls:

  • Dial *67*1 Your Smith Number#

(To reset, press #67#. Press *#67*# for status)

If you attempt to use call forwarding keypad codes, but it is not working, your line might not have the forwarding feature enabled. We recommend you reach out to your mobile provider support team to ask them to enable call forwarding for your account.

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