Using and Accessing the Call Dashboard

Updated 5 months ago by Justin Maxwell

Getting there

Please head on over to​

If you have a Keypad or Chat account​

Please use the login you use with that account

If you do not have a Keypad or Chat account​

Please choose "forgot password" and it should email your main email address with a link to reset and log in.

Please let us know if you have difficulty with either of these and we will look in to it.

What you can do

Right now the dashboard is read-only. So you can

  • See your call history
    • Click to see an individual record, including call summary, disposition, receptionist, etc.
  • See your call handling & preferences, including your
    • number
    • Any transfer lines
    • Whitelisted numbers
    • Blocked numbers
    • Voicemail greetings

What you can't do (yet)

Edit or change anything. This is a read-only interface. We plan to expose editing functionality for you here in the future.

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