How to Adjust Your Time Zone Settings in AppointmentCore

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AppointmentCore automatically detected your time zone when you created your account with them. Unfortunately, the default account settings enable the same detection feature when your virtual receptionist schedules an event for you, and books the event in the detected time zone. This can lead to confusion, missed appointments, and ultimately client dissatisfaction.

Flexible timezone appointments are best for virtual appointments, where you and the other participant could be in different time zones

Fixed/Frozen timezone appointments are best for physical, in-person appointments, locked to the time zone of your locale.

Example: if you're in Pennsylvania (US Eastern time) and are available for a meeting at 12 PM Eastern, but the receptionist that books that appointment is in California (US Pacific time), by default the calendar will show your availability in Pacific time. This may lead your receptionist to unintentionally schedule your 12 PM event at 9 AM.

No need to worry, there is an easy way to avoid potential mistakes and confusion by following three easy steps to change the time zone auto-detect setting on your account.

Please follow the steps here on the AppointmentCore support site:

How To Set Or Freeze The Booking Link Timezone For Your Customers

Regardless of the time zone your invitees are in when they schedule with you, they will only see availability in the time zone you've manually defined - making it easy to schedule in-person events.

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