Preventing Calendly from Auto-Filling

Updated 3 years ago by Justin Maxwell

Calendly has a friendly, cached, auto-fill that populates previous visitors' information into your schedule. This is great if you're running a web-based practice without virtual receptionists. However, it's not great when many of your bookings are coming from 3rd party agents (us). What's happening is Calendly's aggressive caching occasionally replaces our own edits, meaning we may put in client info for a new client, but when we book the appointment for you, it's overwriting with that of a previous client. 

Action required:

  1. Log in to your Calendly account
  2. For each of your event types
    1. Go to "invitee questions" under "additional options"
    2. Click each field. A popup will open
    3. Uncheck "autofill invitee name and email from prior bookings"
    4. Click "Apply"
    5. Repeat for each field
    6. Click "Save and Close"
  3. Repeat for each event type

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