Installing Web Chat on a Shopify Website

Updated 2 years ago by Kelsey Johnson

To install the Chat widget on your Shopify site

  1. Sign into your Shopify account
  2. From the sidebar, navigate to Online Store -> Themes
  3. Click on “Customize”
  4. On the left menu of your editor, scroll down and click on “Theme actions”
  1. Choose “Edit code”
  1. Within the code editor, expand the “Sections” folder then click on “{/} footer.liquid”
  1. In a new tab, go to your Web Chat dashboard, select "Widget" then "Install", and copy the code
  1. Go back to the tab with your Shopify dashboard. Below the bottom footer tag (</footer>) paste your installation code. Then click “Save”
  1. Refresh your website. You should see your widget in the bottom right corner!

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