How to Connect HighLevel to for Outreach Campaigns

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If you want to pass call summaries into HighLevel, use our native integration.

If you want virtual receptionists to use your HighLevel Calendar to book appointments, use our HighLevel Calendar guide.

If you would like HighLevel to send contacts to Outreach Campaigns, continue reading...

This guide will walk you through how to connect HighLevel (sometimes referred to as GoHighLevel or GHL) to a Outreach Campaign.

In doing so, leads generated through your HighLevel account can be sent directly to's Outreach Campaigns team for outbound sales engagement.


To connect HighLevel to, you will need:

Request an Outreach Campaign Call from HighLevel

  1. Go into your HighLevel account, and click on "Automation" in the left-hand menu.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on "+ Create Workflow."
  3. Under "Start from Scratch," select Continue.
  4. Name your workflow. An example might be "Connect to"
  5. Set your HighLevel trigger. You can set this to whatever best suits your business needs.
    1. One common use case is "Opportunity Status Changed."
      1. Search "Opportunity Status Change."
      2. Click add filters.
      3. Under the filter, click "Moved to status."
      4. Select the status type that you want to initiate a Outreach Campaigns call. An example is "old."
      5. Select "save" trigger.
  6. After you've set up your trigger, click the + button to add your first action.
  7. For action, select "Webhook."
    1. Name your Webhook.
    2. Ensure your Method is POST.
    3. Insert the POST URL:
    4. Click on + button for "Headers."
      1. Insert "Authorization" as your Key.
      2. Under Value, insert "token {api_key}"
        1. Here are instructions to find your Outreach Campaigns API key.
    5. Click on + button for "Custom Data."
      1. Complete each data set.
        1. For first_name, insert: {{contact.first_name}}
        2. For last_name, insert: {{contact.last_name}}
        3. For phone, insert: {{}}
        4. For email, insert: {{}}
        5. For campaign, insert the name of your campaign.
  8. Select "Save Action."
  9. In the upper right corner, select "Save" on the workflow to publish.

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