How to Connect Angi Leads to for Outbound Calls (using Make)

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Our Make integration helps business owners save time by automating processes that are typically done manually.

This guide will walk you through connecting Angi (formerly Angie's List) and using Make. In doing so, leads generated through your Angi account will receive a call back through's virtual receptionist services.


To use Make to connect Angi and, you will need:

Request an Outbound Call to a Lead from Angi using

  1. Sign up for a Make account. If you already have one, log in.
  2. From the Make dashboard, click Create a new scenario.
  3. Name your Scenario. An example could be "Connect Angi to"
  4. Click the giant + sign. Use the search bar, type in "Webhooks" and select "Webhooks", then "Custom webhook" from the menu.
  5. Add a new webhook and name it. Click "Save".
  6. Your webhook URL will now exist and you can access it by clicking the grey "Copy address to clipboard" button. Save this, as we'll use it in a future step.
  7. Open up your email.
  8. Send an email to Make sure you include your name, your business name, your phone number, the previously copied webhook URL, and ask that they send all of your Angi leads to that webhook URL.
    1. Save the scenario and turn it on while you wait for a reply from an Angi representative. This will allow you confirm that you're receiving data when they reroute it, and will make it easier to map data in a later step.
    2. Once an Angi representative confirms that your leads have been pointed to the webhook URL, proceed below.
  9. In the Make scenario, click the "add another module" button on the right side of your webhook module. Search for and add "". Select "Call a Contact (Virtual Receptionist)" from the list of available actions and triggers.
  10. Connect your account.
    1. You'll need to add your API key when prompted. You can get your API key in your Call Dashboard under Integrations. Click here for further instructions on how to connect to Make.
  11. In your Make scenario, click "Add" in the module and paste your API key, then click "Save".
  12. Next, map your contact fields by pairing data with what is being sent from the webhook by Angi. By now, you should hopefully have received some data from your Angi webhook that will allow you to map this data.
    1. In the "Action required" field, include instructions for the receptionists who will be making the call. You can simply write "follow instructions in account" if you want to follow default directions.
    2. In the "Action fallback" field, include instructions for the receptionists for if the customer doesn't pick up the phone. You can simply write "Leave a voicemail" or "follow instructions in account" if you want to follow default directions.
    3. Complete the field "Availability option." This can be based on your default settings, or you can choose the option for 24/7 (i.e. whatever time the lead comes through).
    4. Make sure to map data from your Angi's webhook to the name, phone number, and email address fields.
    5. Once you finish mapping your fields, select "Ok."
  13. Turn your scenario on (or save it if it's already on).

All your Angi leads will now be called back by Virtual Receptionists and logged in your account.

How to Connect to Outreach Campaigns

If you subscribe to Outreach Campaigns, you can set up a scenario in Make to trigger a call for this separate service. In the "Choose app and events" step, instead of selecting "Call a Contact (Virtual Receptionist)," you'll select "Call a Contact (Outreach Campaign)." Follow the same proceeding steps as above. When mapping your fields, the default directions will not be editable since will follow the directions for that campaign. Follow the remaining steps to save the scenario and turn it on. If you'd like to pass additional data to your outreach campaigns, click here.

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