How to Forward Calls from RingCentral to

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RingCentral customers will need to set up call forwarding to in order for our receptionists to answer your calls.

As soon as you're signed up for and have completed the onboarding process, follow the directions below to change the settings in your RingCentral account to ensure your calls are being forwarded correctly. 

Forwarding Calls to

RingCentral has changed their interface a few times, so now we recommend just going to their instructions here:

Important tips:

  • Some users prefer to ring their personal cell number for 5-8 seconds, then fall back on their Receptionists. If you choose to do this:
    • Do not allow more than 10 seconds ring time to your cell phone. Even in this case, many callers may hang up before the call reaches the receptionists.
    • Choose "Sequentially", not "Simultaneously" for the option under "Phones Will Ring:"
  • If your Receptionists have instructions to transfer calls to you, the number must be different (e.g., transferred calls must go directly to your cell phone) than your main RingCentral number. Otherwise, we'll get stuck in an infinite loop!

Questions? Contact us!

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