How to use to store credit card information

Crystal Field Updated by Crystal Field receptionists can save payment information from business' clients over the phone through — this can be useful when clients want to give you their credit card for future charges, but there is no immediate bill or invoice to pay.

How to use with receptionists

If you're a new or existing user, you'll need a public web-based form, provided to our team as a link (a "url" like There are two ways of making this happen:

Read more here:

Create an easy form for us to record the credit card information, then share that form with us.

This is not a good idea unless you're an engineer. Read more here:

Please note: Payment collection is an optional add-on service and will incur an extra fee. View current pricing for this and all other add-on services. This service is not available for legacy Essential plans.

That's it — now, we can now take down payment information from your customers and it will be recorded in for you.

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Need more guidance on the best way to get set up? Contact us and we'll help you get your and Headnote accounts in sync via phone at (650) 727-6484 or via email at

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