What's a "Relevant Chat?"

Updated 2 months ago by Justin Maxwell

With Smith.ai Live Chat, you are only billed for "relevant" chat conversations. We determine a relevant conversation as...

Any real client or business associate, new or existing, conveying intent in the chat.

To be specific, here's how we determine relevance:

  • Any chat in which we successfully gather a name and phone number or email address and
  • We determine the chat is not
    • Spam
    • Sales
    • Wrong Chat
    • Incomplete
    • A "Test" Chat
  • We determine the intent of the chat.

Unanswered conversations are not considered "relevant" and not charged.

Here are some examples:

Non-Relevant Chat: No intent

In this example, we capture the person's name and email address, but they vanish before providing intent. We do not charge for this chat because we didn't get intent. You can still reach out to the person to initiate a conversation based on the contact information we provide. However, as Smith.ai exists to take work off your plate, we don't charge you when you still need to do the bulk of the work.

This definition applies to every chat conversation — whether it's via website widget, Facebook Messenger, or text message.

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