How to Enable Outbound Receptionist Calls from Your Business Phone Number

Updated 2 years ago by Maddy Martin

You have the option to have your main business number appear on caller ID when receptionists make outbound calls on your behalf. Here's how to activate this feature.

How to activate outbound calls from your business phone number

  1. Send an email to with the main business number you wish to appear on caller ID when we make outbound calls for you. Also, tell us if this phone number has SMS (text message) capabilities.
  2. If your business number does have SMS functionality, we will send you a verification code. If not, we will make a test call to verify your number.
  3. When these steps have been completed, we will confirm your setup is working properly.

That's it! Now, any time we make an outbound call on your behalf, our receptionists will appear to be calling from your main business line.

Is there a cost for outbound calls?

There is no cost for outbound calls, but there is a fee for making outbound calls from your business number. This fee is $10/month and it covers setup and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

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