How to Locate Your Zapier Webhooks URL

This guide will walk you through how to locate your Zapier Webhooks URL.

In doing so, you can connect apps that work with webhooks but do not natively work with Zapier. Using Webhooks requires you to have a premium Zapier account.

Locate your Zapier Webhooks URL

  1. Sign up for a premium Zapier account. If you already have one, log in.
  2. Click "Create Zap" in the upper left corner.
  3. Name your Zap based on what two software you are connecting.
  4. In the App event search bar, type "Webhooks" and select "Webhooks by Zapier" from the drop-down.
  5. For the trigger event, choose "Catch Hook."
  6. Leave blank the field titled "Pick off a Child Key." Just click Continue.
  7. Your webhook URL will be produced. Copy that webhook URL.
  8. Insert that URL into the software that requires the Webhook to pass data.
  9. Complete the remaining steps of building your Zap based on the software you are connecting.
  10. If connecting to, you will need an account as well as your API key. Click here for further instructions on how to connect to Zapier.
  11. Map your fields accordingly. Once finished, select "Continue."
  12. Once you have confirmed all the Zap details, publish your Zap and turn it on.

If it's your first time building a Zap, review the basics of creating Zaps to get started. You're not limited to a single action. Try using filters, formatting, and other advanced Zapier actions.

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