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You can have new leads from logged in your dashboard using Zapier. Here's how:

  1. Sign into Zapier and create a new Zap.
  2. Connect your or Chat account to Zapier via invitation.
    1. How to connect to Zapier
    2. How to connect Chat to Zapier
  3. Set up a trigger with Attach your account with the API key, and test it to grab data (you’ll need to have one recent call or chat).
  1. Next, set up your Zap’s action. Choose app and action “Create Lead.”
  1. Follow Zapier's instructions for getting your API key and use it to connect your account. You can find your key at: https://[YOUR ACCOUNT]
  2. Customize your lead with the account data. For example, in this case I’ve set up the lead to be populated with:
  • Title: “New Lead: {{lead’s first name}} {{lead’s last name}}
  • Description:
    “First Name: {{lead’s first name}}
    Last Name: {{lead’s last name}}
    Website: {{url of website where chat happened}}
    Transcript: {{chat transcript}}

    You can also optionally add tags or insert a custom created date using the date/time the call or chat happened.
  1. Click "Test Zap" and then turn it on. Give it a name like “Add Leads to”
  2. Test your Zap again with a test chat or call. Make sure you’re getting the information you need in your CRM.

Note: One integration is included in every plan. If you already integrate with another platform, the Zapier integration will incur an additional fee. See current pricing for details.

Are you interested in a direct integration between and Please let us know by filling out our integration request form.

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