How to convert Scientific Notation in a .CSV file

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When Microsoft Excel automatically converts your list of phone numbers into scientific notation, this will hinder being able to upload your .csv file properly into your Smith Dashboard. The scientific notation numbers will not be recognized, and the import will fail until the file is converted.


There is no permanent way to fix this issue yet, but there is a workaround to make your phone numbers save in the correct format.

How to Convert your .CSV file in Microsoft Excel

  1. Open your CSV file that shows the scientific notion numbers if it is already saved. Or, if you have not already created a CSV file, open a blank workbook in Excel and input your list of numbers.
  1. Click to highlight a single cell, and in the Formula Bar above add an Apostrophe in front of the numbers.

This will change the number to show correctly and will be noted by the green arrow in the cell.

  1. Save your list as an Excel workbook file, to begin with. This creates a template that you can edit in the future if needed.

Then save a copy as a .CSV file. Do NOT open this file afterward to edit, or it will run the risk of converting the list back into scientific notation again. Take your .CSV file and upload it straight into your Dashboard.

Your Excel workbook file is the one you will want to use as a Template. Any time you need to make an edit you should do so in the workbook file, and then save a new copy of the .CSV file. You will not want to override your workbook file at the risk of losing your conversions.

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