Converting/Preparing Audio for Voicemail & Greetings uses mp3 format files for your greetings and voicemail. (Yes, it would be awesome if we converted the files for you...but we're not there yet!) If you need to record the greetings yourself,…

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Federal Holidays Observed by is not closed for any holiday. We are here to answer your calls and chats 24/7/365.

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How to convert Scientific Notation in a .CSV file

When Microsoft Excel automatically converts your list of phone numbers into scientific notation, this will hinder being able to upload your.csv file properly into your Smith Dashboard. The scientific…

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How to port your number from Vonage

To port your number from Vonage: Follow the steps here. Call or contact Vonage via web chat. Tell them that you will be porting your number out to another carrier and ask them to release your number…

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Porting a number: Sideline

Sideline lets you port a number in or out of their service: To port a number from Sideline to You must be a pay…

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SMS/Text Notification for missed call transfers

This new feature allows you to receive an SMS/Text notification to your cell phone or VoIP number when a call transfer is missed. If our receptionists attempt to reach you for a transfer, and there w…

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Updated 1 year ago by Crystal Field Money-Back Guarantee FAQ

What is the money-back guarantee? At we want our receptionists and chat services to provide real value for your business and truly take work off your plate. And we want you to be able to ful…

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What is the Referral Program?

At, referrals are our #1 source of new business. We rely on happy clients like you to share the benefits of our services with your friends, peers, and professional networks. As a thank you,…

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