Call Summary and Email Destination Options

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Daily Summaries

At the end of each business day, will send you a summary of all your calls via email.'s daily summaries can go to a single address only. Typically, this is the account holder's email.

If you want this to go to more than one person, please jump ahead to Setting Up a Distribution List below.

Instant Call Summaries

After each call, will send you a call summary via email, text/SMS, or both. Call summaries can go to:

  • A single person (default, the account holder)
  • A different person than the account holder (e.g., a paralegal or sales lead)
  • Multiple people (e.g., calls for Maritza means messages go to Maritza, all others go to Jon)
    • Each destination can have multiple recipients as well. For example, your setup could look like this:
      New clients: send summaries to and
      Existing clients: send summaries to
      Court staff: send summaries to,
  • Note: You can only have as many routing choices as routing numbers associated with your account. Please see our pricing for more information.

Setting Up a Distribution List

To make incoming emails reach multiple recipients, we recommend managing a distribution list on your side of things. For example, many of our clients have "" as their notification address, from which they manage who receives call summaries.

Are you using Google Apps for your business?

See Creating a Group with a Google-hosted domain.

Are you using Exchange/Office 365 for your business?

See Managing Distribution Groups in Exchange.

If you are using another platform for your business' email infrastructure, please let us know and we will add the link here.

When you have created your group, tell us the newly-created email and we'll use it for your notifications.

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