Call Summary and Email Destination Options

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Daily summaries

At the end of each business day, will send you a summary of all your calls via email. These can go to a single person or multiple people. You can set this here.

Instant call summaries

Right after each call, will send you a call summary via email and, optionally, SMS text message. Call summaries can go to:

  • A single person (default, the account holder)
  • A different person than the account holder (e.g., a paralegal or sales lead)
  • Multiple people (e.g., calls for Maritza means emails go to Maritza, all others go to Jon)

Call summaries can be filtered by destination or caller status. For example, your setup could look like this:

  • New clients: send summaries to and
  • Existing clients: send summaries to
  • Court staff: send summaries to,

Note: Essential plans include one SMS destination and multiple email destinations, and calls cannot be filtered or prioritized.

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