How to Connect and Airtable using Make

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Our Make integration helps business owners save time by automating processes that are typically done manually.

This guide will walk you through connecting and Airtable using Make. In doing so, calls received by will lead to a new record being created in Airtable .


To use Make to connect and Airtable, you will need:

This article assumes you already have an Airtable setup with the fields you want to capture. If you haven't done so, create your Airtable base before continuing. You can find the default data available here or request to use custom data keys and fields collected during calls.

Create a Record in Airtable after each new call

  1. Sign up for a Make account. If you already have one, log in.
  2. From the Make dashboard, click Create a new scenario.
  3. Name your Scenario. An example could be "Connect to Airtable."
  4. Click the giant + sign. Use the search bar, type in "" and select "", then "Watch New Calls" from the menu.
  5. Connect your account.
    1. You'll need to add your API key when prompted. You can get your API key in your Call Dashboard under Integrations. Click here for further instructions on how to connect to Make.
  6. In your Make scenario, click "Add" in the module and paste your API key, then click "Save".
  7. In your Make scenario, click the "add another module" button on the right side of your module. Search for and add "Airtable". Select "Create a Record" from the list of available actions and triggers.
  8. Connect your Airtable account. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough for connecting Airtable.
  9. Select your Airtable Base and Table.
  10. Map your fields from the module into the Airtable record fields to meet your business needs. You can have any fields you would like, but to get started we recommend:
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Notes (you can link the full call summary in this field)
    Your scenario will have fields that match those of your Airtable base and table. They may differ from the screenshot below.
  11. Once you finish mapping your fields, select "Ok."
  12. Turn your scenario on (or save it if it's already on).

All your calls will now be added as new records in Airtable.

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