Stop Calls or Remove a Recipient from a Campaign in the Dashboard

The Outreach Campaign dashboard allows you to stop calls or remove a recipient from your campaign, in real time. You no longer need to email the support team for assistance, though that is still an option.

How to remove a recipient from a campaign in the dashboard
  1. Log into your dashboard and select the correct campaign to access your recipient list.
  2. Use the search feature to locate the appropriate recipient.
  3. Click the "x" in the Actions column to the far right. The following message will appear:
  4. Click "Yes, stop" to stop any calls scheduled for this recipient. Depending on the status of the recipient within the campaign, the next message will be slightly different.

If no calls have been placed to the recipient, a green confirmation will appear stating the recipient has been removed from the campaign and they will no longer appear in the recipients list.

If the recipient has begun receiving calls, the green confirmation below will appear:

The status will change from "Call Scheduled" to "Stopped" and no further calls will be placed.

If an agent has claimed the next call to be placed, you'll be advised as follows:

The call will be completed, and the recipient will remain in the cadence unless further action is taken. Please try again to ensure calls are successfully stopped.

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