Outreach Campaigns

Formatting Recipient Data for Upload to Outreach Campaign

When setting up your Outreach Campaign, you have the option to send recipients via CSV or API. This article will cover how to format and send your CSV file to Smith.ai. Formatting your CSV. Start by…

Jessica Paxton
Updated 2 months ago by Jessica Paxton

Monitor the performance of your outreach call campaigns

Once you've contacted us and set up an Outreach Campaign , you can track the progress of that campaign right from your dashboard. The default screen showcases your campaign performance. There's a fun…

Crystal Field
Updated 2 months ago by Crystal Field

Outbound Call Campaigns using local Caller ID

Do you know how you’re more likely to answer a random phone number when it is coming from your area code? Well, that’s what our team, and our customers, want to happen. And now we can do it. Outbound…

Crystal Field
Updated 6 months ago by Crystal Field

Passing additional data through your Outreach Campaign

Problem. You are using Smith.ai's Outreach Campaigns to call leads, existing clients, or other recipients. But your marketing system is sophisticated, and you want to track multiple parameters about…

Justin Maxwell
Updated 2 months ago by Justin Maxwell