How to Receive Call Summary Notifications via Email, SMS, or Slack

These instructions are for Starter, Basic, and Pro plans. Scroll to the bottom for Essential plan instructions.

The default setting on your account is to receive call summary notifications to your primary email address, immediately after a call is completed. However, you can receive notifications via SMS (text) instead of, or in addition, to these emails. You can also change the recipients of call summary notifications by caller type.

Available delivery methods for call summary notifications

Everyone has a preferred way to review their call summaries. We offer three ways to be notified: via email, SMS, or both. Here's how they work:

Email-only delivery

If you opt for email delivery, you can designate one or multiple recipients.

SMS-only delivery

If you opt for SMS delivery, you can designate one or multiple recipients.

Email and SMS delivery

If you opt for both email and SMS delivery, you can designate one or multiple email recipients, but only one SMS recipient. 

Changing the recipients of call summary notifications

Let's say you're a partner in a two-lawyer firm. You may want all summaries of calls for your partner to go to him or her, and all your call summaries to go to you, and then all summaries of "undesignated" calls to go to both of you, plus your legal secretary. We can support this, and many other scenarios where it's important for notifications to be sent to specific members of your team.

Ready to customize? Email us.

To change your delivery method for, and/or update recipients of, call summary notifications, email your directions to Changes can often be made within one business day.

Bonus: Receiving call summary notifications in Slack

Do you use Slack to communicate at work? You can also receive notifications in a Slack channel designated for messages. Learn how to enable call summary notifications in Slack.

Do you have an Essential plan?

When you signed up for the Essential plan, you were asked where we should send your call summaries under the section titled "Notifications." We send your call notifications to that email address and a notification of the call to the phone number if you opt in for SMS notifications.

Want to change the email and/or number the notifications are sent to:

  1. Sign into your account and head to "Settings."
  2. Under "Notifications" click "Update notification settings"
  1. Put in the new email or phone number and click save

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