How to connect your Law Ruler account to

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How the Law Ruler + integration works

When you connect with Law Ruler, all calls handled by’s receptionists will now appear in Law Ruler. With this integration, after every call, will:

  • Create a new lead for callers that don’t exist in your Law Ruler account
  • Match callers with existing contacts or leads that already exist in Law Ruler
  • Add the call details (including a link to the call recording and transcript, if applicable) to the notes section of a (new or existing) contact or lead
  • Add activity to the Law Ruler newsfeed

How to connect your Law Ruler account to

If you’re already a Law Ruler user, getting started is simple.

Before connecting your Law Ruler and accounts, you’ll need to collect two pieces of data from your Law Ruler portal.

  1. Log into your Law Ruler portal.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Click on 3rd Party Integrations from the Setup menu.
  4. On the right-hand side, you'll see an example email with your Law Ruler API information. Collect the following data:
  • End-point URL
  • API Key

There is no need to send us an email. Our integration can be set up completely by you on your dashboard.

Once you’ve collected all the required information from your Law Ruler account, you’re ready to connect it to your virtual receptionist account.

  1. Go to your virtual receptionist dashboard and select the “Integrations” tab.
  2. Find and select Law Ruler to begin the integration process.
  3. Complete the required form with the information you collected earlier from your Law Ruler account: End-point URL and API Key.
  4. Press the "Connect Law Ruler" button. integration pricing note: Each plan includes one free integration. View current pricing. Additional integrations will see a pop-up letting you know of the billing impact.
  5. That’s it! Once you’ve completed the last step, the integration between your account and Law Ruler will be live! 

Questions? Contact us!

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If you're not yet a client, please schedule a free consultation to get started with our virtual receptionist services or email us at We'll help you select the best plan to match your business’s growth goals and budget.

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