How to record your own greetings

Recording your own greeting is easy and doesn't require any custom software. It's all available online. We recommend Online Voice Recorder, which allows you to record your greetings, trim the start and end points, and then download them as MP3s. You can then upload those MP3s to Keypad, or send them to us for your after-hours messages.

To make sure your greetings sound great, please take a look at our 5 Tips for a Perfect Voicemail Greeting.

For Virtual Receptionist use

Once you have the MP3, please send it to us and tell us how you'd like it to be used. More information here.

For Keypad Cloud Phone System use

You can upload your greetings anywhere you see the option to Play Recording.

  1. Name the greeting and click/tap the Upload button
  2. The file will begin uploading
  3. The file is now in the Keypad system. You can optionally choose Replace to replace it with a different file.

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