Enabling Caller ID for Google Voice


Smith.ai needs your Caller ID, but you are currently masking it in Google Voice. (You may be using this to know which calls being forwarded to your phone are currently coming from your Google Voice number, or from multiple Google Voice numbers.)


  1. Go to Google Voice from your Laptop or Desktop Computer
    1. Make sure you are on the right account if you have multiple Google profiles

  1. Navigate to your Calls menu from your Settings

  1. Under Show my Google Voice number as Caller ID, you will want to make sure it is toggled OFF, to ensure your Google number does not show on every forwarded call.

Once you enable Caller ID your virtual receptionists will be able to verify the best contact number(s) for both new and existing clients, and block sales/spam calls with ease. With this option enabled, repeat callers will have their information displayed automatically to the receptionist answering the call (unless they block their number), improving efficiency and limiting the need for those callers to repeatedly provide the same contact information.

Need assistance?

If you need any help with your call forwarding, please email us at support@smith.ai or call us at (650) 727-6484. Our support hours are:

  • Monday through Friday: 5am – 8pm PT / 8am – 11pm ET
  • Saturday and Sunday:  6am - 4pm PT / 9am - 7pm ET

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