How to Integrate Chat with Google Analytics/Google Ads using Google Tag Manager

This tutorial was created by Matt Burke of ZillaMetrics, a law firm marketing agency that focuses on driving results with PPC, Content Marketing, and SEO.

How Google Tag Manager is set up in Chat

In order to integrate Google Analytics and Google Ads with Chat, you will need to use Google Tag Manager (GTM). Note: you will need to have experience using GTM to follow these instructions.

GTM can keep track of the following chat events:

  • Your chat widget is opened
  • Your chat widget is closed
  • Someone completes a sign up (enters their name and email in your widget)
  • A chat conversation starts
  • A message is sent
  • An offline message is sent (after hours or if you have the AI chatbot only)

These are the GTM-enabled Events:

  • SMITHAI_CHAT-widget_opened
  • SMITHAI_CHAT-widget_closed
  • SMITHAI_CHAT-signup_complete
  • SMITHAI_CHAT-conversation_started
  • SMITHAI_CHAT-message_sent
  • SMITHAI_CHAT-offline_message_sent

In most cases, you will want to choose just one Event as a conversion. I recommend using SMITHAI_CHAT-conversation_started. This tracks the point when your lead sends their first message in the widget after submitting their contact information.

How to integrate Chat with Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager

  1. Create a new tag in the Google Tag Manager account you use to manage the website that has your chat widget on it
    1. Create a new tag called GA - Live Chat
    2. For Tag Type, select Google Analytics Universal Analytics
    3. For Track Type, select Event
    4. For Category, put Live Chat
    5. For Action, put Chat Started
  2. The Google Analytics Settings you select should correspond to the Google Analytics tracking ID you are using on your website
  1. Create a Trigger
    1. Name your Trigger Event - Chat Started
    2. For Trigger Type, select Custom Event
    3. For Event name, use SMITHAI_CHAT-conversation_started

Once again, the Google Analytics Settings you select should correspond to the Google Analytics tracking ID you are using on your website.

  1. Publish your GTM container

How to set up a Goal in Google Analytics to track Chats

  1. Login to Google Analytics and go to the admin screen by clicking the gear icon on the bottom left hand corner
  1. Create a Goal within Google Analytics.
    1. For Goal setup, click Custom
    2. For Goal description, select Event and name the Goal
    3. For Goal details, enter Live Chat under Category
  2. Once complete, it should look like the following:

You’ve now set up Chat conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics! Make sure you test that your Goal is working correctly.

To do this, go to Real Time in Google Analytics. You can find it on the left hand menu panel. 

Open up the Conversions window. Now, go to your website and start a chat (don’t worry, we won’t charge you for this test). If you set everything up correctly, you’ll be able to see a conversion appear in Google Analytics.

You have now integrated Google Analytics with using Google Tag Manager. Next, in order to track conversions in Google Ads, you’re going to want to import this Goal into Google Ads.

How to track Chat Conversions in Google Ads

  1. Login to Google Ads and go to the Conversions tab
  1. Click the blue + sign and select Import
  1. Select Google Analytics
  1. On the following screen, you will be able to import your Goals. You should count Chats as true conversions, so when you configure your conversion actions, it should look like the following:

Unless you changed the name of your Google Analytics view, your view name will likely say “All Website Data.” This is the default naming convention in Google Analytics. As long as all of the other values match the screenshot above, you’ve completed the integration!

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