How to Sign Up for Partner Payouts processes payouts to referring partners quarterly via is a free-to-use (Basic Receivables Account), end-to-end payment automation platform. Payments sent by via will be paid directly to the bank account you add on file.

Note: If you already have a account, all you’ll need to do as a partner is provide the Payment Network ID to your point of contact. The following process is only needed for new accounts. 

How to Setup a New Account

  1. When becoming a partner, will send your designated point of contact the following invitation email via Click on that "Accept Invitation" link, and you will be redirected to the sign-up page.
  2. Once you’ve been redirected to the sign-up page, add your contact information details and password to create your new account.
  3. You will go through a 2-step verification process for security purposes before adding your bank account or additional users.
  4. Once you’ve set up 2-step verification, you’ll receive a code to the phone number you have on file that you can enter. Go ahead and add that code then click Submit to proceed.
  5. Next, choose your account type for your new profile.
  6. Enter your company and personal details to your account.
    1. If you’re a business, enter additional details for federal tax law compliance.
  7. Add your banking details for where you’d like your quarterly partner payout to be sent.

And that’s it! You’ll now be able to receive your quarterly payouts directly via! 

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