How to Connect Your Capsule CRM account to

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How to connect your Capsule CRM account to

1. Email with the subject line "Capsule CRM integration request." We will send you a link to authorize within your Capsule CRM account.

2. Open the link, and click "Continue."

3. Click "Allow" on the next screen to grant access to your account.

4. Email again to notify us that you have approved access to your Capsule account. We will begin testing the integration and will contact you as soon as we have confirmed that the integration is working properly.

Please note: Each plan includes one free integration. CRM integrations are not available for Essential plans. View current pricing.

How the integration with Capsule CRM works

When a call comes in and a call summary is created, we will create a "Task" in your Capsule CRM account, under the "Call" category. The full call summary will appear in the "Detail" section of the Task.

You can link that Task to a contact, opportunity, or case.

capsule crm integration

Need Assistance?

Email us at or call us at (650) 727-6484 Monday through Friday between 5am – 6pm PT so that we may assist you.

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