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How the Zoho + integration works

When you connect with Zoho, all calls handled by’s receptionists will now appear in Zoho. After every call, will:

  • Create new leads for callers who don’t yet exist in Zoho
  • Match callers with existing contacts who already exist in Zoho
  • Log calls within the lead or contact record
  • Display calls in the contact’s or lead’s timeline feed

How to connect your Zoho account to

If you’re already a Zoho user, getting started is simple.

  1. Go to your virtual receptionist dashboard and select the Integrations tab.
  2. Select Zoho to begin the integration process.
  3. Click the Connect Zoho button.
  1. You'll be presented with a screen from Zoho asking you to confirm. Press Accept.
  2. That’s it! Once you’ve completed the last step, the integration between your account and Zoho will be live! integration pricing note: Each plan includes one free integration. View current pricing.

Need help? 

Please reach Support at (650) 727-6484 or

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