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Your chat playbook works best when it's easy to use and helpful for your web visitors. The optimal playbook should capture every possible web lead for you! That’s why we built a tool to track each step in your playbook, so you can identify places to optimize your multiple choice questions.

How to access your playbook funnel data

You don't need to set up your funnel performance tracker. We've added it to every live playbook. Here's how to find and read the data:

  1. Sign into your Chat account. Navigate to your bot screen and then click on the playbook you want to analyze.
  1. Click on “Funnel” to look at the data
  1. From this view, you can see the percentage of people who chose one playbook option over the other(s). By looking at the numbers from one question to the next, you can also see where most of your web visitors are “dropping off” or leaving before they finish the playbook.

What should I do with this information?

There are tons of ways you can improve your conversion rates using playbook funnel tracking. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Update confusing phrasing. If multiple visitors are dropping off at a certain playbook step, look at its phrasing to make sure it is well written and straightforward.

For example, update this roundabout phrasing:

to something simple and easy to understand:

  1. Change your lead screening options. Are many of your leads leaving your site when they see just 3 service options?

Try adding a few more services to your playbook to see what your web visitors might need:

  1. Separate out services.

For example, let's say you offer your web visitors these 4 marketing service options:

If 90% of your web visitors choose “SEO & SEM,” try separating the services into “Search Engine Optimization” and “PPC Campaigns” to see which one your prospects are more interested in. 

You can use this information about your web visitors to drive marketing, content, and upselling strategies.

  1. Create more targeted content. If all of your prospects seem to be looking for a divorce lawyer, make that service prominent on your homepage and write more blog content surrounding it. 

These are just a few options, but by tracking the steps in your playbook, you can continue to improve its performance and, in the long run, generate more business.

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