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Updated 2 years ago by Justin Maxwell

Some real estate professionals use RealEFlow, a real estate sales & marketing toolkit that does everything from CRM to website. 

Unfortunately, RealEFlow offers little integration ability. Your options are limited. We cannot book events on your RealEFlow Calendar (nor can anyone else), as they only offer one-way sync to Google Calendar.

If you are using RealEFlow, plan to continue using RealEFlow, and want to make the most of your service, we can perform custom intake on your qualified callers. That means once we have screened your call and qualified them as a lead, we can ask additional questions and input their data in a RealEFlow "squeeze page":

  1. Inside the Realeflow toolbar hover your mouse over Leadflow and click on "Websites"
  2. Please follow the steps to create a squeeze page.
  3. Create a page that has your full intake form
  4. Provide with
    1. The link to your intake form (squeeze page)
    2. The criteria a caller must match to be qualified for intake

We will then provide you with a per-call price increase for our doing the intake. Once we get your "ok", we will start intaking your callers into the form when they are qualified.

Please note: Intake is not currently available with Essential plans.

Many of our real estate professionals use software that integrates better with We find the most popular platforms include:

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