How to Connect Contact Form 7 and for Outreach Campaigns

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Our Zapier integration helps business owners save tons of time by automating processes that have previously been manual.

This guide will walk you through how to connect Contact Form 7 and via Zapier to automatically place an Outreach Campaigns call to a new lead.


To use our Zapier integration to connect Contact Form 7 and, you will need:

Request a Outreach Campaign Call from Contact Form 7

When a new form is completed using Contact Form 7, it will request an Outreach Campaign call to that new lead.

  1. Sign into the backend of your Wordpress CMS.
  2. On the plugins page, search for "CF7 to Webhook."
  3. Install the plugin.
  4. Active the plugin.
  5. Select the form where, upon completion, you want to pass data to
  6. Click on the new "Webhooks" tab next to "Additional Settings."
  7. Check the Integrate box that says "Send to Webhook."
  8. Open a new window and locate your Zapier Webhook URL.
  9. Go back into the window with Contact Form 7 settings, and insert your webhook URL.
  10. If you still want email receipts of when a form fill is completed, check the box that says "Send CF7 mail as usually." [sic]
  11. If needed, customize your data fields.
  12. Save your form settings.
  13. Go to the front-end of your website and submit a test form fill.
  14. Go back into the Zap you are setting up.
  15. Click on "Test trigger."
    1. The test should pull in lead information from the test.
    2. Verify the information.
    3. Then click "Continue."
  16. Click Action.
  17. In the App event search bar, type in "" Click the option with the orange logo.
  18. For the trigger Event, click "Call Someone (Outreach Campaign Only)."
  19. Connect your Zapier account to your account. You'll need to add your API key when prompted.
  20. Select "Yes, Continue" after inserting your API Key.
  21. Add the Campaign ID for the Outreach Campaign you want to send leads.
  22. Under Set up action, map your contact fields based on the data that's being sent from Contact Form 7.
    1. Call directions will be based on your Outreach Campaign settings.
    2. Click here for more information on passing additional data to your Outreach Campaign.
    3. In the "Test action" section, select "Skip test." (That will avoid from calling this test lead!)
  23. Once you have confirmed all of the Zap details, publish your Zap.
  24. Turn it on.

Additional Resources:

How to Connect to Virtual Receptionists

If you subscribe to Virtual Receptionists, you can set up a Zap in Zapier to trigger a call for this separate service. In the "Choose app and events" step, instead of selecting "Call Someone (Outreach Campaign Only)," you'll select "Call Someone (Virtual Receptionist)." Follow the same steps as above. When mapping your fields, include directions for what the virtual receptionist should do on the call — including how to handle the call, language, and callback time. If you'd like, you can set these to default instructions. Follow the remaining steps to save the Zap and turn it on.

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