How to Connect Your PracticePanther Account to Chat

Updated 2 years ago by Kelsey Johnson

Connect Chat to PracticePanther

  1. Sign in to your Chat account and navigate to Integrations.
  2. Click on PracticePanther under “All Integrations.” Then click connect.
  1. You’ll need to sign into your PracticePanther account (unless you have already).
  1. PracticePanther will prompt you to authorize sharing data with web chat. Click “Grant Access.”
  1. After granting access, your integrations page should show PracticePanther as connected:

Access New Contacts and Transcripts in PracticePanther

Once connected, intake details from chat conversations will appear as new contacts in PracticePanther. Transcripts will appear as “Notes” within the contacts. Here’s how to see them:

  1. If the chat was logged recently or you have a low volume of activity, you should be able to see the new contact in the “Recent Activity” section of your PracticePanther main dashboard.
  1. To access all contacts created today, navigate to the Contacts tab in PracticePanther and set the Created Date to “Today.”

Click into the contact to see Note(s) containing any relevant chat transcripts.

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