How to Automatically Add HubSpot Contacts to Outreach Campaigns

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Looking for an easier way to respond to new contacts? This Zap can help. Set it up to automatically initiate outreach campaign calls from to a contact, as soon as they're added to a specific list in HubSpot.


To use our Zapier integration to connect and HubSpot, you will need:

  • Zapier account
  • A Outreach Campaign account
  • Your Outreach Campaign API key
  • The specific Outreach Campaign ID you want to add contacts to
  • A HubSpot account

Add new HubSpot contacts to an Outreach Campaign when added to a new list in Hubspot

  1. Click "Use this Zap" in the below template.

  2. Connect your and HubSpot accounts to your Zapier account by following the prompts.
    1. Connect HubSpot by clicking Sign in.
    2. Connect More information can be found here.
  3. Since you started with a template, most fields will already be populated. Customize the Zap to meet your business needs.
    1. Customize the Trigger to specify which list to send to Outreach Campaigns.
    2. Customize the Action. It's required that you put in your individual Campaign ID. If you'd like to send passthrough data from Hubspot into, you can do so by linking that data in the Additional Data Fields (optional).
  4. Test the Zap.
  5. Name the Zap. Here's an example: "Connect HubSpot Contacts to"
  6. Turn on the Zap.

Now, when new contacts enter the specific Hubspot list that you've identified, they will automatically be called by based on your outreach campaign details.

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