Using the Outreach Campaigns Call Request API

In the latest version of's Outreach Campaigns Request API, you can request an Outreach Campaigns call on-demand.

Here are a few examples of what can prompt our agents to make a call:

  • When a potential lead submits a web form on your site (with multiple follow-up attempts, if we don't reach them).
  • When a user performs a specific action in your application, such as requesting help or clicking a "book now" button in a live chat session.
  • To match an opportunity with a provider on your lead generation platform, using to bridge the communication.
  • With any Zapier Zap you can think of!

Accessing the API

To use the Outreach Campaigns Call Request API, you must generate an API key by following these instructions and also access your Campaign ID.

Building the API/Webhook Request

POST request to:


Add a query param to the POST request `?token=<your api access token>

POST payload fields:

"first_name": {

"required": true

"max_length": 256

"description": "The first name of the recipient."


"last_name": {

"required": true

"max_length": 256

"description": "The last name of the recipient."


"phone_number": {

"required": true

"description": "The phone number of the recipient."


"email": {

"required": false

"max_length": 255

"description": "The email address of the recipient."


"campaign": {

“type”: “UUID”

"required": true

"description": "The campaign to which the recipient should be added."



Success: 201 - created

Failure due to authentication issue: 403 - Invalid token/inactive user

Failure due to payload validation: 400 - Includes errors

Questions? Contact us!

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Using the Outbound Call Request API