Generate a Virtual Receptionist Plan API key

Generating an API Key. Do to your Smith.ai dashboard.. Press the gear icon to view your account settings.. Find the API Key section. Press the Generate an API Key button.. Your API key will be genera…

Jessica Paxton
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Outbound API Fields

The following information provides the field scripts needed for your Outbound Call feature. To do this you will need your API key as requested in Outbound Calling with Smith.ai: Getting Started. Plea…

Crystal Field
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Smith.ai Chat API Documentation for Extended Data and Widget Visibility

Want to make changes to the way your widget functions or the metadata it collects on your web visitor (“guest”)? You can use our public-facing API to customize your chat conversations in various ways…


Using the Outbound Call Request API

In the latest version of Smith.ai's Outbound Call Request API, you can create an outbound call request on-demand.


Using the Outreach Campaigns Call Request API

In the latest version of Smith.ai's Outreach Campaigns Request API, you can request an Outreach Campaigns call on-demand. Here are a few examples of what can prompt our agents to make a call: When a…