Why don't you have an online portal?

Updated 7 months ago by Justin Maxwell

Why don't you have an online portal? How do I configure my account?

Small business owners and sole proprietors often don't have enough time in their day to get their core work — those billable hours — done. Why would we then add more work to your plate? It doesn't make sense.

What we have overwhelmingly heard from customers is "do it for me." So, we do. Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists do their best to work just as a receptionist in your office would — we follow your instructions and guidance provided to us via phone calls or emails. You can just ask our team when you need changes to your call handling flow, have special temporary instructions, need some information, want to correct how we handled something, or anything else.

For light interactions, we have some easy functionality:

Blocking / VIP ("Whitelisting")

At the bottom of each call summary email, you'll see links to block or whitelist a number. For more information, please read this.

Setting your availability via SMS

Heading in to court for the day, or working from home? You can get call statistics, send all calls to voicemail, bypass our receptionists, or prevent any live transfers, all through text messaging. Read more here.

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