How to Export Your Call Data via CSV

Updated 1 year ago by Kelsey Johnson

If you want to analyze your calls answered by, you can download a CSV of your data from your account dashboard. Here’s how:

  1. Sign into your call dashboard. You should be directed to the “History” page when you sign in.
  2. Set the parameters of the data you want by time, status, disposition, and priority. To download every call has ever answered for you, set them to “Any time,” “Any status,” “Any disposition,” and “Any priority.” Your dashboard should look like this:

  1. Then click “Download CSV” at the top right side of your conversations:
  1. Upload this CSV into Excel or Google Sheets to analyze it. You will be provided the following data:
  • Time created
  • Client name
  • Client phone
  • Client status
  • Call disposition
  • Priority
  • Summary (includes contact information and a summary of the call)

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