Integrating with Your Slack Team

Updated 2 weeks ago by Justin Maxwell integrates with Slack in two ways. You can:

  • Route call summaries to a Slack channel
  • Accept or reject incoming call transfer requests in a Slack channel

Route Call Summaries to a Slack Channel call summaries can go to a Slack channel. For example, you could have a channel called #messages, and receive all your call summaries like this:

To set this up:

  1. If you're not the team admin, send this page to them. You need to have administration privileges to proceed.
  2. Go to your Slack team's "apps" page. The url will look like this:
  3. Search for "email" and enable it. You'll see a screen like this:

  4. Click "Add Configuration"

  5. If you haven't made a channel in which you want to receive your call summaries, do that now by clicking "create a new channel"

  6. Select the channel you want from the dropdown (select) menu and choose "Add Email Integration"
  7. The resulting page gives you an email address. They will mail this to your site admin as well, but copy it down just for convenience
  8. Fill out and confirm all the details on this page. You can add an icon for Here's ours if you'd like to use it: Avatar
  9. When you are done your settings should look something like this:

  10. Test the integration by emailing something to that new address. You must be a member of that new channel to see the message, though. Usually it takes about a minute for it to show up. When it does, you'll see this:

  11. Email our support team with the following information:

    Email subject: Please add email notification CC
    Email text: Please add [insert your newly-created slack channel email] to our call summary destinations
  12. We will confirm when this is set up for you. It should usually be within the same business day.

That's it. Please let us know if you encounter any issues and we'll be happy to help.

Accept or Reject Incoming Call Transfer Requests in a Slack Channel

  1. Create a channel for your team to receive incoming call notifications, e.g., #smithai-notifications
  2. Invite your team members (Sales, Support, etc.) to this channel (only people who would answer the calls)
  3. Send a request to "authorize notifications in Slack" to Please include:
    1. Your workspace name (e.g.,
    2. The Slack UserIDs of anyone requiring notification (e.g., Aaron: U064WMUJ3 Justin: U066S03RQ) . Here's how to get that:

      1. Go to their profile in Slack. The easiest way is by going to the Workspace Directory and then clicking on their profile

      2. Click the overflow (three dots) button
      3. Click the member ID at the bottom of the list
      4. Paste it next to their name in the list
  4. Wait for email confirmation from the support team that your request has been approved. This will typically happen within 2 business days.
  5. Log in to your Slack workspace:

  6. Visit this page: authorization

    slack authorization

  7. Select the channel you just created
  8. Click "Authorize"

Now, make sure you enable all notifications for your Slack channel, and it's not muted:

  1. In your Slack workspace or app, go to your channel
  2. Click on the gear icon
  3. Click on "Notification preferences ..."

    slack gear icon

  4. Make sure "All new messages" is selected for both Desktop and Mobile

    slack notification preferences

  5. Click "Done"

All set! You'll see notifications from every time a call comes in that meets your "live transfer" criteria.

How to respond to Slack Notifications

As soon as we determine a caller meets your "live transfer" requirements, you'll see a notification that looks like this in your Slack channel:

Approve a call transfer request

Click "Yes" to approve the transfer request and have the call connected to you.

Deny a call transfer request

Click "No" to deny the transfer request and have your receptionist handle the call.

What happens if we receive no response

If we do not receive a "Yes" or "No" response within 15 seconds, we will assume you are busy and will not attempt to transfer the call.

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