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Updated 1 year ago by Kelsey Johnson

Lawcus is a platform for lawyers that streamlines Legal Practice Management, CRM, and Client Intake so you can focus on your clients.

Here's how to use Lawcus with for a seamless lead intake process.

Set up an external intake form using Lawcus

  1. Sign into your Lawcus account
  2. Click on Automation > Intake Forms > + Add new form
  3. Name your form, add a contact information collection field, and a couple of custom intake questions (within our reasonable use policy).
  4. Once you’re done, click “View” to review it and then “Send” to get a link. 
Don’t associate the form with a Matter, since you’ll be using it for multiple clients.
  1. Send the link to with directions for how the receptionists should use it (for example, after qualifying a new lead).

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