How to Set Up Extended and Custom Extended Intake

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How to use for extended and custom extended intake

Our virtual receptionists are capable of more than just answering and transferring calls. We can handle new client intake, too. New client intake allows us to gather important lead information on our client's behalf.

What's included in basic intake?
  • Included in every Virtual Receptionist plan is simple or basic intake, which includes our virtual receptionists asking up to 3 business-specific, short-answer questions to help gather contact information and qualify leads.
  • Examples could include case numbers, traffic ticket numbers, real estate property addresses, and more.
What is included in extended intake?
  • For businesses who need to gather more information, we offer extended intake as an add-on to any Virtual Receptionist plan.
  • Extended intake includes up to 6 additional short-answer questions after the simple intake questions have been asked.
  • Examples of extended intake could include family information for wills and trusts, network set up details for IT, or project scoping questions for a marketing agency.
What is included in custom extended intake?
  • If your business requires intake questions beyond the 9 questions as part of simple and extended intake, you can add additional short-answer questions on an à la carte basis, priced per question, with custom extended intake.
  • There is no limit on the number of questions you can add, though each question must take 20 seconds or less to ask and answer.
How to set-up extended and custom extended intake:
  1. Email with the following information:
    1. Your list of additional questions to add beyond your simple intake.
    2. The answers to each question — and whether those answers help to further qualify the lead.
    3. What to do with qualified leads (book an appointment, route the call, etc).
    4. What to do with unqualified leads (refer to another business, end the call, etc).
  2. That's it! We'll get back to you, typically within 1 business day, to let you know our virtual receptionists are all set and asking your extended or custom extended intake questions.

Please note that lead qualification and client intake calls can result in long calls, and our Reasonable Use Policy may apply. Additionally, appointment booking, payment collection, and other add-on services incur extra fees.

For information on how to use our virtual receptionists for lead qualification and intake, click here.

For guidelines on how to write better agent instructions for our virtual receptionists, click here.

Questions? Contact us!

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