What's the difference between post-call follow-up and transfer notifications?

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At Smith.ai, we offer a variety of notification features tailored to different business needs. Among these, SMS/Slack/Teams notifications and Text & Email Follow-Up stand out for specific uses. Let's delve into each to help you understand their purposes and decide when each might be useful for your business.

SMS/Text, Slack, and Teams Notifications

When should I use it?

Use this when: Timely response to calls can make the difference in client engagement or sales opportunities. You want to ensure that calls from qualified prospects or important contacts are promptly addressed by your team. If a call comes in that matches specific criteria, these notifications allow team members to be alerted and respond quickly via their preferred messaging system (SMS/Text, Slack, and Teams Notifications). Ideal for dynamic teams.


  • $0.50 per call, priced per-call, monthly.
  • An additional $0.25 for each subsequent attempt to notify another team member (e.g., trying person B after person A).

Text & Email Follow-Up

When should I use it?

Use this when: You want to continue engagement/conversation with your callers after the initial call has ended. Whether it's sending them more information, a follow-up questionnaire, or additional resources to engage them further, this feature ensures that potential leads or inquiries don't cool off. Perfect for businesses looking to maximize every call's potential for conversion or to enhance customer service by providing added value post-call.


  • Having your leads fill out forms
  • Submitting critical documents or contracts
  • Providing more information (e.g., about a property)
  • Keeping callers engaged with more information about the matter they called about


  • $0.50 per call, priced per-call, monthly.

Which One Should You Use?

"Why not both?" 😁

  • For Engaging with Your Team: Especially with multi-person, dynamic teams — if your goal is to streamline how calls are transferred within your team or to specific members, and ensure that calls are answered more efficiently, then SMS/Text, Slack, and Teams Notifications are your go-to.
  • For Enhancing Caller Engagement: If you're looking to maintain communication with your callers after the call has ended, providing them with necessary information or further engagement opportunities, Text & Email Follow-Up is ideal.

Both features are priced affordably to fit into your operational budget, allowing you to enhance your communication strategy without breaking the bank. Remember, effective communication is not just about making a connection; it's about maintaining that connection in a way that benefits your business and satisfies your clients.

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