Customize Your Chat Widget Greeting, Disclaimer, and Availability Messaging

Updated 2 months ago by Kelsey Johnson

  1. In your dashboard, click on the settings gear:
  1. Click on “Widget” next to “Account” and “Business Info”
  1. To update offline and away messages, click on “Availability”
  1. Offline message will display outside of’s hours, when your chat is not staffed by live agents. Away message will send if your visitor doesn’t see a response within two minutes. The second case is highly unlikely as our agents almost always answer within moments of engagement.
We recommend that you train your chatbot to answer questions and qualify leads after hours. It's completely free, and also helps chat agents answer with speed and accuracy.
  1. Click on “Disclaimer” to display a disclaimer within your widget:
  1. Choose whether or not to show the disclaimer and customize what it says.
  1. Scroll down and click on “Greeting” to update how your widget engages your website visitors:
  1. Customize your greeting to sound like your firm. For example you could say “Hi! Thanks for your interest in [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. Can I answer any questions for you today?

From this page, you can also adjust the "trigger" time (how long before the widget engages your website visitor).

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