Installation & Web Host Options

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Live Chat

For information and instructions on using Live Chat.

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AI Chatbot

For information and directions on using's Chatbot.

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Configuration & Setup

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Adding your business information to your chat account

Follow these steps to edit or add your business information on your Chat Dashboard: Go to the Settings cog on the bottom left of your Dashboard. Click on Business Info. Then edit or add your Business…

Crystal Field
Updated 11 months ago by Crystal Field

Channel Partner Logo Guidelines and Usage for Chat

Only channel partners, resellers who install the chat widget on behalf of their clients, who have this permission enabled can use this feature. Custom branding is not available for…

Crystal Field
Updated 1 year ago by Crystal Field

Connecting Facebook Messenger to Chat

You can now connect your business Facebook page to Live Chat and our agents will answer all messages sent to your business via Facebook Messenger. Note: this is just for your Business page.…

Justin Maxwell
Updated 1 year ago by Justin Maxwell

How to Export Your Chat Data via CSV

To analyze the leads captured by your Live Chat or AI-only Chatbot, you can download a CSV of your data from your account dashboard. Here’s how: Sign into your account. When you sign in, you…

Crystal Field
Updated 1 year ago by Crystal Field

How to Review Chat History in Your Dashboard

Want to check your chats, relevant chats, and leads in your chat dashboard? You can do this and more on the History page of your Chat Dashboard. Log in to your dashboard at When yo…

Barry Hannah
Updated 1 year ago by Barry Hannah

How to Set Up and Use Playbooks for Chat

Live Chat is a fast and friendly way to address questions and capture new leads directly from your website. About's chatbot. Live Chat includes an AI chatbot that assists agents in…

Crystal Field
Updated 4 months ago by Crystal Field

How to Test Chat Playbooks

You are able to test your chat widget, including new playbooks and Q&A Responses. To do this, login to your chat dashboard at Click on the Bot button on the left. Click the "Test y…

Crystal Field
Updated 2 months ago by Crystal Field

How to Train Your Chatbot From Your Dashboard

Login to your chat dashboard and navigate to your Knowledge Base. Click on “Q&A” to add frequently asked questions and their answers to your Knowledge Base. Click on “+New Q&A.” This menu also allows…

Maddy Martin
Updated 1 year ago by Maddy Martin

How to Update Your Contact Information on Your Chat Dashboard

Need to update your contact details for your chat account? No problem! Simply log in to your dashboard and access your user settings by clicking the small circle icon in the lower-left corner. Click…

Luis Santiago
Updated 1 year ago by Luis Santiago

How to sign up for Chat through your Dashboard

If you have an active virtual receptionist account, you can also sign up for a chat account. The following step shows how you can sign up, and start your chat account right off your Dashboar…

Crystal Field
Updated 5 months ago by Crystal Field

SMS Text Answering as a Service: The Basics now offers text answering as a service. Our Live Chat agents work in tandem with AI bots to answer questions, screen leads, and schedule appointments for your business all day, every day. Wh…

Jessica Paxton
Updated 2 weeks ago by Jessica Paxton

Send Chat Callback Requests to Slack

Your chatbot can now send callback requests to your team’s Slack channel. This feature currently works with Live Chat and Chatbot plans. Note: This feature allows people interacting with chat on your…

Kelsey Johnson
Updated 1 year ago by Kelsey Johnson

Using the Chat Playbook Funnel Performance Tracker

Your chat playbook works best when it's easy to use and helpful for your web visitors. The optimal playbook should capture every possible web lead for you! That’s why we built a tool to trac…

Crystal Field
Updated 1 year ago by Crystal Field

What is Automated Chat Software?

The same live chat software our agents use is available to you for free! Unlimited chats, customized solutions, and affordable a la carte add-on pricing.

Kelsey Johnson
Updated 4 months ago by Kelsey Johnson

[LIVE DEMO] Chat: A Look Inside Our Chat Technology

In this live demo of Chat, you will get to see the main features of the Chat system in detail, so you know exactly what to expect before you sign up or partner with us.. Don't want…

Maddy Martin
Updated 2 years ago by Maddy Martin