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Billing for Live Chat Live Chat is charged monthly at the beginning of each billing cycle (starting at sign-up). We have four pricing models: Starter: $140/mo Includes 20 relevant chats. Additional chats are char…

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How to Get Chat Notifications via Text Message

After a new chat conversation, we email you a full chat transcript. Now, with Live Chat plans you can also get a text message (SMS) notification, too. Here’s how to set up SMS notifications: Sign int…


How to Use Live Chat now offers live chat! The same friendly and professional receptionists who answer your calls can now answer questions, qualify leads, intake clients, book appointments, and accept payments,…

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Request a Virtual Receptionist Call Request From Chat Transcript

If you'd like to place an outbound call to a previous website chatter, you can go ahead and make that request directly in the chat transcript email. To request a call from a chat transcript,…

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Setting Up Receptionist Callback Requests in Live Chat

Your Live Chat account can now be set up to allow your web visitors to request a phone call during a chat conversation. If requested, the person will be called on behalf of your business by a Smith.a…


Setting up an Email to SMS Gateway with Live Chat

What is an Email-to-SMS Gateway? Our Email-to-SMS feature turns emails into text messages to your clients or leads. Using this feature, you can send texts to follow-up on form-fills, nurture leads, s…

Crystal Field
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What's a "Relevant Chat?"

With Live Chat, you are only billed for “relevant” chats. The short version is this: Relevant conversations are chats related to the communication with customers, new and existing, and busin…