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In order to have your receptionists schedule your appointments, you will need to go through a third-party scheduler like Calendly. Watch the video or follow the steps below to sync your MyCase account with Google and/or Outlook Calendar, which you can then connect to Calendly to generate a public (shareable) link for your receptionists to use.

How to connect MyCase with Google Calendar/Microsoft Outlook

  1. In your MyCase Dashboard click your name in the top right corner, then click on Integrations & Services.

  1. Go to the Calendar Integration App, and then click on Sync with MyCase.

  1. In the pop-up window, select the calendar you want to sync with, Google Calendar or Outlook.

  1. You'll be redirected to sign in to your Google or Outlook account.

  1. After signing in, you will be asked to Allow permissions for your calendars to have access to each other. Click Allow or Yes.

  1. You will then be taken back into MyCase and presented with a window that will show How Calendar Sync Works. To exit, click on Close or Go To Calendar.
Once your MyCase account has been successfully linked with Google/Outlook, your Calendar will have a new calendar added to it called "MyCase". It is important to remember that only calendar events added/edited in the "MyCase" calendar will be synchronized with MyCase. All of the other calendars in Google are invisible to MyCase.
Your existing scheduled events will not automatically sync to your MyCase calendar. If you would like your existing Calendar events to appear in MyCase, please follow these instructions - Getting Existing Calendars into MyCase for Outlook and Google.

  1. You have now connected your MyCase calendar with either Google or Outlook. You now will have to connect your Google/Outlook account with a Calendly calendar. This is because Calendly will provide a public link to your Calendly calendar which is the one we will use to schedule your appointments. Here are some easy instructions on how to connect these calendars:

 How to connect your calendar to Calendly

When you sign up for Calendly with a Google/Outlook account, your Google/Outlook Calendar will automatically connect to Calendly. However, since the MyCase calendar will be added as a Sub-calendar you will need to tell Calendly to check it specifically. Here is how:

  1. Log in to Calendly and visit your Calendar Connection page.
  2. Make sure the correct Google/Outlook account is connected. If you created your Calendly account with a different account you can add the right one using the "Add Calander Account" button.
  1. Then on the right of the Check for Conflicts setting, click on the edit button
  1. Now make sure you check the MyCase box. This is so Calendly can check that calendar for conflicts and avoid double bookings. We recommend you uncheck the other options as well if you do not use those calendars. Then click the Update button.
  1. Now click the Edit button next to the Add to Calander setting
  1. In the new window click on the "Add to calendar" Drop-Down menu and select the MyCase option. This will add your appointments to this calendar which will then update your MyCase software. Then click on the Update button.
  1. That is it! Now Calendly is connected to your Google/Outlook Calander which is connected to your MyCase software.
  2. Lastly, send us your Calendly link. Click on the "Account" menu at the top right corner and select the "Share Your Link" option.

  1. Then just click on the blue "Copy Your Link" button. Send this link to with the subject line, "Calendly link." Be sure to include any specific instructions for using this calendar. 

That is it! Now when schedules appointments from your Calendly scheduling tool, thanks to the connection you've already made between your Google/Outlook calendar and MyCase, you'll now see booked appointments in MyCase!

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