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Set your availability and work schedule in your dashboard

In your dashboard, you can set your time zone, set your standard work hours and days of the week, and tell us which holidays you're available or unavailable for. You can also let us know when you'll be out of the office for any other reason, such as going on vacation.

This will affect which instructions the receptionists follow based on your office hours. During working hours your receptionists will follow your account's default instructions, and attempt transfers if applicable. Outside of working hours, and on days you are set to unavailable, your after hours instructions will be followed, and no transfers will be attempted on the account.

  1. Access your availability schedule by selecting the "Availability" icon in the left-hand menu:
  1. To add your schedule, click Create Work Schedule.
  1. If you already have a schedule set up, you can edit it by clicking the edit button.
  2. Go through the Work Schedule form to set your:
  • Your time zone
  • Days of the week and working hours
  • Any upcoming vacations or temporary unavailability
  • Holidays you intend to be unavailable through

If a holiday is set to unavailable, we will not attempt transfers to you, and use your after-hours instructions, if applicable. If a holiday is set to available, we will use your default instructions for that day.

  1. Click "Save" and you now have your availability schedule set!

If your office is marked “available” for any federal holiday, our system will send an automated message to you a few days before the holiday, in case you forgot to change your settings.

How do I add a lunch break to my work schedule?

To account for lunch in your work schedule, follow steps 1-4 above. When editing your work schedule, put in two entries: the time you are available before lunch and the time you are available after lunch. For example, if your business is unavailable for lunch between 12 pm and 1 pm on Mondays, your work schedule would look like this:

Need help?

If you need any help, please email us at support@smith.ai or call us at (650) 727-6484.

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