Request a Virtual Receptionist Call Request From Chat Transcript

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If you'd like to place an outbound call to a previous website chatter, you can go ahead and make that request directly in the chat transcript email.

  1. To request a call from a chat transcript, press the "Request a call" button at the bottom of the transcript.
  2. You'll be navigated to complete the call request in the dashboard. Information captured from the chat will be automatically populated into the form. Complete the form to let our receptionists know how to handle the call.
    1. Choose an option for "What's the reason?" from the below choices:
    2. Under "What should we do?" give our receptionists a brief explanation of what is needed from this call. For example, you could say, "Collect $150 for the consultation booked on Thursday," or "Please advise John that we cannot take on his case at this time, but we recommend he reaches out to XYZ instead at this number."
    3. Under "If they do not answer?" please let us know what we should do if the caller doesn't pick up the phone. We can leave a message with specific information or simply hang up.
    4. Select whether you want the call to be made in Spanish or English.
    5. Specify when you would like the call to be made, and how many times you would like us to try and make contact. Choose from:
      • Call as soon as possible
      • Call in accordance with your already set Outbound Call Settings
      • Use custom settings - Custom settings allow you to set the number of call attempts you want us to make, the time between each attempt, and the days of the week and times you would like us to try to call (for this call only.)
  3. After filling in the information, press the "Submit Request" button. Your outbound call request will be fulfilled at the time requested. When the call is completed, you'll receive a call summary from the follow-up call that we made.
Placing an outbound call from a website chat transcript requires an active virtual receptionist plan. If you don't have a virtual receptionist plan, please schedule a free consultation to get started with our virtual receptionist services or email us at

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