Using the Outbound Call Request API

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In the latest version of's Outbound Call Request API, you can create an outbound call request on-demand. For example, you can trigger a live receptionist call...

  • when a potential lead submits a web form on your site, with multiple follow-up attempts if we don't reach them.
  • when a user performs a specific action in your application, such as requesting help or clicking a "book now" button in a live chat session
  • to match an opportunity with a provider on your lead-gen platform, using to bridge the communication
  • with any Zapier trigger you can think of!

And much more.'s Outbound Call API works splendidly with Zapier's webhook Zap — but we don't provide technical support for it. Please work with your developer for integration.

Accessing the API

To use the Outbound Call Request API, you must first have an approved access token. If you don't have one, request one here:


You must have an active Virtual Receptionists plan to use the API. Using this API draws from your existing call quota and any calls exceeding it will be priced as overage (just like our inbound answering services).

Our Client Success & Engineering teams are available to help make your campaign a success. Just reach out with any questions.

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